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The Episcopal Churches in Shenandoah County


Christmas Eve

Festival Holy Eucharist with Candle lighting, St. Andrew's Mt. Jackson 8:30 PM

Festival Holy Eucharist with Candle lighting, Emmanuel, Woodstock 10:30 PM

Christmas Day

Holy Eucharist 10:00 AM with brunch to follow

Sunday, December 28th

Christmas Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols 10:00 AM



A Special Message of Welcome


"So...why should I take a look at your church?"


MarigoldsIt takes a lot of courage to walk into a church, especially if you have had bad experiences with churches in the past.  It might be intimidating to walk through doors that are older than your grandparents. 

 And then there are the customs and forms of worship, and people you may not know.  But you want to connect with God, and you want to do that in a place that cares for you and honors you.  You want to learn, and experience, and celebrate and be part of something that is deeper, richer, and more fulfilling than just a nice dinner out.  

I think you would like the churches of Beckford Parish.  We strive to be a place of hospitality.  We want all age groups, but are especially happy to see children and young families.  We won't criticize you.  We don't want you to feel bad.  We want to pass this beautiful faith and tradition on to you, so that someday you will pass it along to others.  That's what our Church has been doing since Jesus laid hands on the twelve disciples and commissioned them to carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  


And the Gospel is simply this.  God cares.  God loves.  God is always "bringing joy where there is sorrow, hope where there is hopelessness, healing where there is pain, wholeness where there is brokeness."  That is the message of the saving death and resurrection of Jesus.


So come join us on Sunday at 8 or 11:15 at Emmanuel, Woodstock, or 9:15 at St. Andrew's, Mt. Jackson.  Directions are here.


If you have questions, please click on the contact form. 


Faithfully yours,


The Very Rev. Alexander D. MacPhail

Rector and Dean of Region XIV


Beckford Parish is a proud part of the Diocese of Virginia in the Episcopal Church USA, which is a province of the world-wide Anglican Communion.