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We are currently in a search process in Beckford Parish.

Until our parish is officially registered online as accepting applicants, interested candidates should direct their questions to The Rev. Mary Thorpe, Director of Transition Ministry, The Diocese of Virginia. mthorpe@thediocese.net, 804-643-8451 Ext. 1013.


Written by the Search Committee
Please pray for these individuals and for our churches during this process.

We humbly beseech thee Lord God Almighty, to hear our prayer for this parish family as we search for a new Rector. Let us never forget to show gratitude for our many blessings, especially those you have showered upon us through the two Episcopal churches of Beckford Parish: St. Andrew's and Emmanuel.

Thank you for your guidance, Lord. Lead us now as we seek your will. Expand our hearts and minds so they are always big enough to embrace your love and your vision for this parish.

You have called us, your servants, to ventures and destinations we cannot yet see. Raise up among us willing workers & leaders who will offer their gifts in service to our parish ministries. We are partners in your heavenly calling. Please give us strength and patience with each other and with the process. May we always experience the benefit of Christ's intercession with You. Amen


We encourage parishioners to speak to one or more members of the search committee about your ideas and vision for our churches. They welcome your thoughts and input. 


Elizabeth Cottrell (Emmanuel) 540-436-3969, elizabethc@riverwoodwriter.com

Committee Members from St. Andrew's: 

Colleen Gray 540-896-6513, cgray74@msn.com
Randy Bailey 540-743-9207, bennetthall@centurylink.net

Daniel Belyea, belyeadm@yahoo.com

Committee Members from Emmanuel:

Joan Sarna 540-436-8503, herblady@shentel.net
Ray Flugel 540-459-3953, rhf@shentel.net