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A Little Parish History

Some Parish History

We trace our roots back to 1769, when Beckford Parish was formed by an act of the Governor, Council, and Burgesses of the Colony of Virginia. its present boundaries, the same as those of Shenandoah County, were established in 1772 when the county was separated from Frederick County. The parish was named after Sir William Beckford, Lord Mayor of London and later a Member of Parliament, because he had sympathized with the American colonies in their resistance to parliamentary rule from Great Britain.

Emmanuel's congregation in Woodstock formed about 1770, and St. Andrew's Chapel was consecrated in 1877 in Mt. Jackson. For as long as there have been two active congregations in Beckford Parish, we have shared a priest. "Yoked" as we are, the relationship has permitted both churches to separately maintain small but faithful and active congregations.