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Welcome to The Rev. J. Michael Cadaret!


With enthusiasm and happy anticipation, the joint vestries unanimously voted to call The Rev. J. Michael Cadaret to become Interim Rector at Beckford Parish, beginning on Sunday, January 3, 2016. Highly recommended by the Diocese, he is already making us feel his trademark warmth and energy. Don’t miss his message in the February BEACON.

Michael has moved to Mt. Jackson with his dog, Otis, and plans to spend a lot of time getting to know parishioners. He wants everyone to be able to contact him:

Email: BeckfordRector@gmail.com

Phone: 804-714-8131

A graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary in 2003, Father Michael has the delicious-sounding addition to his resumé of being a trained and certified Executive Chef. The St. Andrew’s vestry members are excited to welcome him to the kitchen of their community luncheons!

His experience as an ordained minister has included time in both small (Varina Church, Richmond) and large (Grace and Holy Trinity, Richmond, and All Saints, Jacksonville) churches. Of special interest is his past work with congregations in transition. We know that will serve Beckford Parish well as we search for a permanent rector.

Some excerpts from his Ministry: “To my mind, all worship is charismatic and evangelical and traditional simultaneously. We expect the Holy Spirit to be moving among us, showering us with gifts from God. We proclaim God’s love and seek conversion. We connect with and are formed by ancient ritual and text.”

“I lead the faithful with reminders of our mission to restore people to a living faith in God and by coaching them to deploy our tradition’s resources to that end. And I trust that, through this evangelism, we church-insiders will find our faith renewed as well.”

Hear, hear! And we welcome you, Michael, in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ!

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